You've got a place in the world tour!

Congratulations! But, you're a newcomer, and now you will need to prove yourself. This game lets you fight your way up the ranks as you compete in races across the globe. If you're too good, however, you will certainly trigger resistance from the more experienced drivers. Do you think you are up for the challenge?

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fast & stylized racing

Easy to pick up and learn. A bit harder to master. Race Condition offers an exciting challenge with fast gameplay and intelligent AI opponents.

Multiple game modes

Play the World Tour to increase your Driver Level and unlock new tracks. Or score a new lap record in Time Trial.

Having friends over? Challenge them to some exhilarating Split Screen racing!

21 tracks

The game offers 21 tracks in 11 different destinations across the world. You will encounter various race conditions, such as sun, rain, fog, snow, day and night driving.

More Details

More info can be found on Steam, where you can also download a playable demo of Race Condition.

  • Online leaderboards

    Compare your results with other drivers in the online leaderboards. Drive well and you might even beat the global track records!

  • Split-screen multiplayer

    Play with friends in split screen mode. The game supports 2-4 simultaneous players.

  • Intelligent AI-driven opponents

    The other cars present a fun challenge by reacting intelligently to the situations that can occur during a race. Can you outsmart them and win?

  • Finely tuned game physics

    Entirely physics driven, the game offers a rewarding driving experience. Unlike many other racing games, the AI cars are also driven by the same physics model, so it's all fair play.

  • Great soundtrack

    Turn up the volume and enjoy the retro inspired soundtrack as you cruise along the various tracks.

  • Keyboard and controller support

    Play with keyboard or controller, or any combination of those (in split screen mode).

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