Press Kit

Game Info


Ravine Studios


Release Date

March 1st, 2022


PC (Steam)



USD $12.99


Set in a modern low-poly arcade world, players of Race Condition find themselves as a rookie in a highly competitive open-wheel racing league. A rivalry with the suspiciously good opponent Mr. Dickmann takes them on a tour across the world which unfolds a series of intense races with their fair share of crashes, pit-stops and strategic decisions.

Taking its low-poly looks and simple controls from the arcade hits of the past, Race Condition adds in realistic car behavior to end up with an arcade racer that looks deceptively simple, but provide a real racing challenge throughout the simple David and Goliath story.

"Our goal with Race Condition was to explore the fun and speed of arcade racing mechanics, but modelled with physics.", said Marcus Lysen of Ravine Studios. "It makes for a game that is fun from the start, but hard to master"

In true arcade fashion the races are only a few speedy minutes long and the car setup is streamlined. Coupled with fast loading times players might just find themselves lost in a "just one more go" loop. Resistance is provided by the opponent AI which have been carefully crafted to play fair; whatever the AI manages, the player could do the same. Best chance of beating them might just be with a more clever pit-stop strategy.

Race Condition comes with three game modes

World Tour

Travel the world by beating rivals and unwinding the story of who will be the champion. Set on four continents, the 21 tracks (including 10 reverse) unlocks as the player progress through the tour.

Quick Race

Play the unlocked tracks to climb the online leaderboards, or maybe challenge friends to split-screen racing. Race Condition supports up to four simultaneous players in local split-screen mode.

Time Trial

Practice makes perfect. In this mode the player can enjoy the unlocked tracks without pit-stop concerns or AI getting in the way. Speed is crucial though as the player tries to advance on the global ranking.